Our focus is to provide effective solutions through quality products to solve actual customer issues which has a bigger impact.


We are a software company focused on leveraging technology in the education domain – harnessing the power of software and data to better evaluate and track the professional development of teachers – to enhance academic performance of students. The education domain consists of four major entities, Teachers, Administrators, Parents and Students, usually referred to as the TAPS Ecosystem. When almost all software companies focused on a single entity viz. the Student, providing solutions ranging from Personalized Learning to Item Banks to Video Enabled Learning, we felt they were missing the forest for the trees. We instead decided to move upstream and focus on the two main TAPS entities that would ultimately guarantee results – viz. Teachers and Administrators – and the result is Transcend, the software that enables teachers to become not just better but Patently Effective Educators.
At Headstream Technologies, our endeavor is to produce world class products that resolves customers’ problems, enhances their productivity and happiness.


Our Mission forms the roadmap, the raison d'etre of Headstream, which is to harness technology to identify and overcome the flaws & limitations in the current methodology with a holistic view of achieving all-round growth and development. To create world class products that make a genuine difference to our users’ life and the world at large.


We strive to harness technology (data, analytics and reporting), providing a holistic solution to improve the efficiency, quality and performance of our customers.